Found out today that I can’t get DSL. Well, actually, I might be able to get IDSL, which is basically ISDN over DSL, but it’s only 144 Kb for US$90/month — which I really can’t justify. Sigh. Guess I’m stuck in luser dial-up land for the time being. To quote Amanda: “Sucks…”

A new content aggregation site that’s apparently picked up GeneHack (how? don’t ask me — I set up several syndication feeds a while back, and some of them are apparently still running. shrug.) Anyway, they get a link because they’ve got a semi-cool name:

This is pretty cool — genes can be expressed from multiple basal promoters. Basically, if correct (I haven’t seen the data, so I’ll withhold judgment for the moment), this means that one of the basic assumptions about control of gene expression is invalid at least some of the time. This is important, because changes in gene expression lead to many common health problems, including (but not limited to) cancer, and understanding how gene expression is controlled will be key for fixing those problems.

A new news-source, nicked from Snowdeal:

Is it just me, or was today a bit slow?

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