First day at work went okay. Got the Ultra10 late in the day; should have the Mac (a/k/a the typewriter) tomorrow. Got most of the running around and paperwork type stuff out of the way too — just the health insurance stuff remains, and that’s getting taken care of tomorrow. Now I just have to truck all my stuff into my cube…

Forgot to mention that I watched Forces of Nature Sunday night. It came on right as I was sitting down to eat dinner, and it was good enough that I watched the whole thing, even when I shouldn’t have. Nice, light, romantic comedy fare.

New apartment thought of the day: Having a dishwasher is good!

I don’t recall where I spotted this URL — could have been in an ad in the Post, or possibly on TV — but I of course had to have a look: Nothing too exciting. Somebody please tell me I’m not the only one who gets immediately turned off by a site that has ?s instead of ‘s…

Okay, all you people taking the shark cartiledge pills can give it a rest! Turns out that sharks do get cancer, even cancers that occur specifically in cartilegenous tissues.

Taking the polyA/polyT tails off of cDNAs before doing subtractive hybridization results in increased yields of low abundance expressed sequences. How long until the patent is awarded? (I’m sure the application has already been filed…) Bonus points for guessing what name Perkin Elmer will slap onto the kit.

Francis Collins took some of the wind out of Celera’s sails today:

You should not take at face value any claim by any group for at least two years that says ‘we have finished sequencing a human genome sequence.’ It will not be true,” Collins said prior to a conference in Vancouver, Canada, on Sunday.

The BBC also has a version of the same story, featuring the same Collins quotes, but perhaps a bit more balance in the overall tone. The point that Collins is making is an important one: when dealing with sequencing projects (and especially shotgun sequencing projects), saying the sequence is “done” has very little information content.

Hmm, lets see if I can’t clear out some of the links from the recesses of my bookmarks file…

Emacs Package of the Week. Ahh, I can see it now:…

So You Want to Run Your Own Server is part of Philip and Alex’s Guide to Web Publishing, which looks well worth working through. Once I get my DSL line, I’m planning on doing so serving, perhaps even moving to a machine on my home network, so I guess I should start to look into these types of issues…

The life and times of GnuCash. Anybody out there seriously using this? I’d like a Quicken replacement, but don’t want to invest time in switching over if the program isn’t up to spec.

Savings Bond Redemption Calculator. I’ve still got some Series EE bonds stashed away, so I should save this link.

Apologies to those of you whom I owe mail to; a recent Debian upgrade broke mail sending in Gnus, so I’ve had to switch to mutt for mail composing, and it’s slowing me down. I am catching up, slowly.

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