No real update today, as I was busy with thesis (a little) and computer component purchasing (a bit). I actually got about half a system ordered, and I’ll pick up the other bits and pieces at a local place this weekend. If all goes well, I should have a new system next week! I’m quite excited about getting a new toy; hopefully The Wife won’t become too annoyed with me during the wait for the UPS man…

I ended up changing quite a few things from the Ars Technica list I linked before, but overall stayed fairly close. Abit BE6-II mobo with a Celeron400A, CPU heat sink/fan, 64 MB RAM, and a 10.2 GB disk are on the way, for right around $440. This weekend, I’ll pick up a case, video card, generic CD-ROM, modem, and (depending on budget) a sound card. I won’t make the $500 I was aiming for, but hopefully will slide in under $600, which is still not too bad.

While I was discussing the New Toy with The Wife, she asked an interesting question. Hopefully, somebody out there can help: On CD-ROM drives, why are the eject and play buttons always located beneath the tray? It makes it very difficult to hit the close button when the drive is in a tower that’s on the floor. I know, you can just push on the tray, but it always feels like that’s forcing the eject motor the wrong way or something. Come up with an answer (doesn’t have to be correct, just good) and earn eternal fame on GeneHack.

Don’t forget the blog chat fest tonight, starting at 5:30 PST and going until we give up, on #blogirc at See you there…

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