(the title update wasn’t meant to parse as an orgazmo reference, but…)

It’s probably going to be a light night tonight, as I’ve got to write some kind of IRC help guide for Wednesday’s #blogirc chat, and I actually did some thesis writing today, which means no surfing. Anyway, into the mix…

There’s a short piece about ‘protests’ of GM’d crops over at Reason. It’s a bit one-sided (hey, look at the source!), but the middle part about the language used to describe actions is kind of interesting, from a soc/cult. crit. POV.

I wonder how much my experiences at the NIH will be like this postdoc’s were?

Researchers at UCSF may have found a point to prions, believed to be the causative agent in mad cow disease and the related Cruzfeld-Jakob syndrome in humans. This is actually pretty exciting; if I had a bit more time, I’d try to track down the paper. Alas, the thesis calls…

One of the things on my Do Before You Die list is visiting the Trinity site.

Before I go, a couple of odd naval gazing bits. First, I was quite surprised to see that yesterday’s update was bigger (in bytes) than all of last week’s put together. I must remember that blogging every day actually takes less time overall than saving it all up and spewing. Second, and probably not amusing to anyone but me, I got about 1.5 times as many page views on Friday, with no update, as I did on Monday, with an update. Go figure. Okay, off to write about IRC…

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