Wired News interviews Bill Amend, the creative force behind FoxTrot. FoxTrot is one of the few strips I missed when I kicked the print newspaper jones, and finding the online version made me quite happy. I’m not too thrilled or disappointed with the site makeover, but some of the stuff on the second page of the interview makes me want to dig around the site a bit more than I have. I’m also wondering what a ‘blog done by Jason Fox would look like. Has anyone done a ‘blog as a fictional character would? Somehow, it seems as if Jorn would have already done this…

Ashley MacIsaac tries to sell fiddle for crack. I’m linking to this so I can point my wife at it. Hi honey! (Apologies to whoever I nicked that link from…)

Personal Meta: Good work days = bad ‘blog days. I finalized the manuscript and gave it to my advisor this afternoon, so hopefully that’s one little step closer to done. I’ve got to fight with Excel over plots tomorrow, and I’m thinking that it’s probably just as easy to actually purchase a dedicate plotting program. Anybody got anything to recommend for the Macintosh in the way of all-out plotting power?

To do meta: Got the Start pages worked over a bit; nothing else really got accomplished. Might have a crack at the mail archive spec, after I wash the dishes.

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