…still slows me down. I’m mostly back; going to work, and all that good jazz. Thanks for all the get well wishes; they were appreciated. I’m still catching up on mail and Usenet and blogs, but hopefully I’ll be back to normal by Monday.

This Salon article made me think of Adam Corolla’s child rearing plans. (And why is the column called ‘Mothers Who Think’, when a sizable fraction of the content is written by fathers? How about ‘Parents Who Think’, hmm?)

I went to an amazing seminar yesterday, given by Mike Cherry, of the Saccharomyces Genome Database. One of the more interesting things he talked about was a gene ontology, which is a method of describing genes and the things they do, so that databases describing different organisms can be linked together via a common framework. This is one of the cooler ideas I’ve heard recently; time to see if they might have need of a post-doc…

Oh, OpenDesk opened. I played with it a little; I’m not sure I get it. The individual tools aren’t any better that other sites, and in some cases (the bookmark manager), they’re much worse. Without the collab-apps, there’s not anything special there, other than some ‘Open Source’ buzz. Frankly, I don’t care what tools they use to make the tools they give me, I care about the tools they give me. Hmm, this reminds me — I should think about starting to write some ePinions. That might be a good weekend project.

Okay, that’s it for today; time to do the dishes and get some sleep!

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