Not a real update today; head hurts too bad to think.

Can somebody let me know when OpenDesk gets its act together? The ‘We’ll be available after 5 pm’ is nice, but it’s been up there for two days, and I still can’t log in. Is it my browser or something?

Some sickness-inspired link fun! Follow the links to understand the cryptic notes (lame, but I’m tired):

  • (cute)
  • (nice shirt)
  • (“under construction” - boring!)
  • (procter & gamble - all those damn links, and not a pain reliever to be found. what the hell are you people thinking?)
  • (more p&g, pampers this time. again, who decides these things? and how come isn’t in the dns?
  • (yah, because that makes sense)
  • (what’s this bizarre connection between cold symptoms and email?)

My, that was fun. Note to speculators: and are currently un-registered. Unfortunately, is already squatted.

Hopefully better fare tomorrow…

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