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it’s the lab-on-a-chip from hp, and it’s damned expensive (us$19000). they also are fairly vague as to what it’s actually good for, but it does appear to be buzzword complient.

the “ROBOKONEKO” (Kitten Robot)

The main aim of the CAM-Brain Project is to build/grow/evolve an artificial brain by 2001 with a billion artificial neurons.

why do we need an artificial cam-brain when we have a real one?

the third voice thread over at userland has had some high points. i don’t have access to a box that is able to run third voice; if there are any scribbles up on geneHack, could someone send a screenshot? thanks.

wanna ‘blog? start here. remember, the first hit’s free.

hope everybody has a good weekend; see you on monday

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