Didn’t get everything accomplished that I wanted to on the day off (of course), but I’m still back. What a trouper I am…

I could have just used the BOFH Excuse Server to come up with a plausible reason, like Interference from the Van Allen Belt, for example.

Since the whole www.xemacs.org thing got started, I’ve been having conversations with several people about moving to a CVS setup for the content on that server. I know jack-all about CVS, so I was quite pleased when rc3.org linked to Using CVS for Web development by Philip Greenspun. Weekend reading, yah!

One more Emacs link: Emacs 20.4 for Macintosh. Install this on a lab machine, point a Microsoft Word alias at it, and watch the fun.

Words to live by:

Remember, where ever you go, there you are

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