More re-design fun: I added some Perl to my genpage template to dynamically generate that current page pointer header (that ugly yellow bar up there). It’s so cool to be able to do stuff like that again! Of course, all that playing around means that I didn’t get any more of the old content converted, and I didn’t get the Ursula Goodenough seminar notes written. Too much stuff; not enough time!

Unix creator plugs bio careers In this interview, Ken Thompson says that:

Computer science is coming into its middle age. It’s turning into a commodity.

He goes on to relate advice he gave to his son:
…my advice to him-to the next generation-was to get into biology.
Of course, in the future it’s not going to be possible to do most interesting types of biology without some serious computational power (and computational chops for the biologists…)

Whoops! I just found a pointer to genpage on’s more like this weblog. I’ve got to start reading more web logs, more regularly..

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