Well, paint me sappy. Like many others, the User Friendly April Fool’s gag sucked me right in.

No Mo Zilla: jwz quits mozilla.org and AOL/Netscape. I’ve already fallen for one April Fool’s joke, but I don’t think this is another.

Ask and you shall receive! Window Maker 0.52 has been released.

Buy LinuxPPC R4.1 now, and get the upcoming R5 release for free. I’m gonna have to look into this deal…

Other product upgrade news: It looks like the MacOS 8.5-compatible version of OneClick is out. This used to be one of my favorite pieces of utility software, but since I’m running Linux as much as possible, it’s probably not worth the US$20 upgrade fee (for me, of course).

Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology 1999

Of course, since someone is visiting, the weather has taken a turn for the crappy…

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