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I’ve got my .tar of the 2.2.0 kernel — do you?

I spent a lot of time in the MacOS today. I can tell I’ve acclimated to Linux and Vim — I keep hitting ‘i’ before typing, and my hands think the save keystroke is ‘:w’ instead of ‘command-S’… Unfortunately, from sifting vim.org, it doesn’t look like there’s a v5.x MacOS version. I guess BBEdit will have to serve…

Boy-o-boy — almost a month into the new year, and I initially typed 98 when I was putting in the date on the line above…

Linux Molecular Biology Tools

Tonight’s Dilbert premiere was fairly cool…

This weekend, I spent about 5 hours installing and configuring LinuxPPC on the lab’s G3/266. Going back home to my (relatively) ancient 604e/166 was quite a downer. Linux on the G3 is Fast. Finally, network applications feel like the box is setting on a high-speed LAN, which has been a bit of a problem with the MacOS, even the most recent versions. I can’t leave it running all the time, however, as I can’t trust my lab mates to not power-cycle the box…

In between bouts of Perl hacking, I found this cool story on excite.com.

Here’s a random thought: Phillips (I think) is marketing a flat-screen TV, that you hang on the wall like a photograph or a painting. (The commercial features 3 blandly Gen-X drones watching Flipper.) Imagine you purchase one of these expensive toys, take it home, and hang it on your wall. Where do you put your VCR or cable box? Having anything against the wall underneath the TV just ruins the whole aesethic, doesn’t it?

Robert Pollard’s solo CD Waved Out arrived in the mail today (He’s with Guided by Voices.) On first listen, it’s pretty good…

Things have been pretty quiet around here. I’m getting back into the swing of work, but hopefully I’ve have some time to play around with more LinuxPPC stuff soon.

Vacation is over — tomorrow is back to the grind. I’m actually looking forward to it — I’ve been doing 2-3 hours of work a day, and I’m looking forward to getting a little bit more done.

Here’s some more XML and biology links, cribbed from a August Science article:
     Background from W3C
     XML Spec from W3C
     XML FAQ
     XML news

Found what everybody needs — a nice random .sig generator. Check out TaRT - the Automatic Random Tagline. Builds out of the box on LinuxPPC, no sweat. Here’s some example output:

John S Jacobs Anderson                       jacobs@treefort.org
www.treefort.org/~jacobs/    <-- LinuxPPC news,views,screenshots
"There are lies, damned lies, and statistics." -Mark Twain