December 1998 Archives

Hope everyone is having a good holiday!

The main Links page is up. Please let me know if I’m missing anything that anybody would find useful. I also updated the Linux/Config page with a few things I built over the last couple days.

Today’s mission was to get a more up to date version of vim and to get some of the many vim clones installed and working. Initially, I wasn’t having a lot of success, but then Dave Wolfe pointed me to the LinuxPPC Mailing List Archives, where I found this great advice. Once I made those changes to a couple of kernel header files, I was able to compile not only vim, but also elvis and vile.

I also found out that Fetchmail 4.6.0 compiles out of the box, as does Sendmail 8.9.1. All in all, not a bad compilation day.
Xmas shopping though — don’t get me started!

Well, having the site rebuilt by the end of this weekend was probably a bit too optimistic. I did get done with the Computers/LinuxPPC page, including a mother load of init and config files. Now, I just have to finish the MacOS stuff, my personal stuff, all the photos, and all the links.
Sounds like a fun Christmas break, doesn’t it?

A little Dec/20Motorists.html”

rant is good for the soul…

The ‘Site’ directory (About,Credits, and Linbot) is up. Ignore all those bad links in the Linbot report — they’ll be fixed before long. There’s also a lot of old stuff in the Archives, and I’ve got my Daily Dose page back up. I might actually get this all done tomorrow!

Site work in progress. Broken links ahead! All will be well by Monday.
I hope!

Perl, perl, perl. There’s a new BioPerl distro out.

This year’s Anchor Steam Christmas beer is far superior to last year’s.

I am still working on updating all these pages. I’ve settled on a slightly different and more ambitious plan: I’m going to unify this site and my Mac site into one set of pages, with a common template. Of course, this means more work, which means it’s going to take longer. Look for it to be done before the first of the year.
I know you’re all breathless with anticipation…

I’m still head down on that Perl code, and I will be for quite a while, I imagine.

Wired was the first place that I saw the news that the worm is done. For those of you who aren’t molecular biology geeks, this is pretty cool. I’ll be spending some quality time this weekend, checking out which of my favorite genes are there, which ones aren’t, and trying to figure out what it all means. (That is, after all, pretty much my job description!)

This week’s Science has the paper on the sequencing, as well as a comparison to yeast, and a bunch of other analysis. Of course, I can’t read the stuff, because I don’t have a subscription. Why the hell can’t online advertising revenues support free viewing of scientific information, just like they support the free viewing of damn near everything else on the Net? I don’t care if I have to look at banner ads for p0rn sitez, as look as I can see the papers I want to.

Geez — put your head down to hack some Perl code and most of a week slips by. Well, I’ve done mad updates over on the config page, so give that a look.

Also, if you run WindowMaker, you should check out the themes at this site.

Goal:By the end of the week, I intend to have all the pages on this site updates, and I’m going to try to update the other side too. Until then, here’s a screen shot of a cool Theme, with a nice transparent Eterm. (Warning: That’s a 177 kb full size 1024x768 .jpg)

Well, I did hack that Perl code — lot’s more to do there. However, between actually working, and going to aikido practice, I didn’t really do any cool Linux stuff today.

I should boot back into MacOS one of these days, so I can update the other side. If you’ve got a minute, and you want a grin, check out the counter over there. It tracks referring URLs, and there are an insane number of people looking for Dr. Laura photos and ending up on my site.

I should be hacking some Perl sequence analysis code, but am I? No, I’m a Linux junkie…

Check out the config page to see where I started, and where I’m currently at. I installed a lot of stuff over the last few days, because I re-installed my system. Hopefully, if (when?) I have to do it again, this install log will be useful.

Couple additions to the Check Daily section of the bookmarks page, as well as some indication as to how that page is supposed to work. I’ve got some other links to put up, but I think I’m going to start a separate links page, to distinguish between stored links that I want for occasional use, and the bookmarks list that I check daily.

Final thought for the evening: Kibble or Think? Why, both, of course!