November 1998 Archives

Lesson for the day: Seg faults are bad. Seg faults during an installation probably indicate that something Very Bad has happened, and you’re probably better off trying to get the install to work without that seg fault.

As you might be able to guess, the re-install didn’t go as smoothly as planned. However, 24 hours or so later, everything looks to be basically on track. I’m editing this file from Emacs in KDE, while WindowMaker compiles in the background. I got PPP dialup to work the first time, so I can upload this file. Life is good!

Oy. Well, this wasn’t how I intended to bring these pages up, but that’s ok — I’m sure all my readers won’t mind. 8^D.

Something Very Bad happened to my system, with the end result being a complete lockup of the machine every 10 minutes or so. I couldn’t figure out the problem, and finally ended up re-installing (after a quick backup). Hopefully, I got all the important stuff backed up, so getting back to where I was won’t be a huge problem.

For the moment, however, I’m stuck back in KDE, with dial-up networking that isn’t working all that well. Sunday night was not the best time for this to occur. On the bright side, this is a great opportunity to document what I’ve done in a more systematic fashion.

After I get back to a slightly better place, I’ll start to fill in this site framework a little bit better. Suggestions or comments on the design are welcome, as always, at

Damn! Has it really been that long? Time flies when you’re working on nothing in particular, I guess.

I’m getting better at using Emacs for editing HTML, but I’d still like to find some kind of HTML in Emacs reference — more browsing.

I did manage to complete part of the necessary work to enable me to stay in Unix for longer periods of time — I’ve set up a file that has links to the sites I check everyday. This frees me from the bookmark manager(s) I was using on the MacOS side of things.

As far as Linux goes, I’ve gotten quite a few more things compiled and running. Of course, if it doesn’t compile out of the box, I’m still screwed, but I feel a little less screwed than I did at the beginning.

Some cool things that did build out of the box: ascd, a dockable CD player, and asmixer, a dockable volume control dingus. Also, wmmount works without many problems, allowing mounting of removable media from the Windowmaker dock. Pretyy cool, worth a look.

Time for the weekly update…I really need to get on the stick and start maintaining this site again. I’m just not in Frontier that much, since I’ve started letting my other site slip too…

Still playing with Linux…I should make an effort to update that page too.

More tomorrow…

Alright! Not quite a week since the last update. Soon, I’m just going to be popping my head in here every month or so…just kidding.

So, what have I been up to? Well, I’ve been hanging out at Slashdot quite a bit, and, and Freshmeat. I finally got 8.5 to a state of relative stability, and one day soon hope to start re-enabling extensions. I’m spending as much time as possible running linuxPPC, which isn’t as much time as I’d like, frankly.

Oh yah! I also moved my Linux page over to my web space on Treefort is a service provided by my ISP, for people who want to play around with UNIX and Perl and CGIs and web server type stuff that they can’t allow on their main servers, due to security issues. So, they gave us a Treefort to play in…
Starnet is pretty cool…

Compiled the newest rxvt (2.4.7) from sources. Again, built fine out of the box. I compiled in xpm background support, so now I can do those funky backgrounds. I just need to find something that looks good, but is dark enought that white text shows up ok. Next goal: pseudo-transparency!

I just updated my other site before booting into Linux. Emacs is not Frontier. Not by a long shot. Not even close. I forsee me and the emacs man page/help file/documentation having a nice long sit-down in the near future, because it can’t suck this bad, it just can’t!

12:35 by the wmclock in my dock (8^D); time for me to go to bed…

Got the ultra cool root-tail running. It compiled out-of-the-box for me, so if you’re running linuxPPC, you might want to check it out. You can see the nice effect in this screen shot . That’s root-tail in the upper left, displaying the results of my last fetchmail, and I’m editing this page in emacs in the middle of the screen.

Remember me? I used to update this site…

I’m still in OS purgatory. My Linux install is on my new 1.2 gig internal, and the MacOS 8.5 install is split over the other internal and the external. My initial install of 8.5 got real wonky, so I’ve been re-installing, much more slowly, over the past 2 or 3 days.This weekend, I’ll get back into some Linux stuff and some page updates…