Still cool in Chez Jacobs Anderson — rockin!

My two theme songs of the moment: Superchunk’s “Detroit Has A Skyline”, featuring the lyric “Drank my sleep from a can” and Chavez’s “Unreal is Real”, featuring the lyric “There is nothing to not be amazed at”.
As Dave Winer would say, “I’m still diggin’!”

My mood seems to be improving — I’m actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow. I’ve got cloning to check, and tons of protein work to do. Maybe that’s why I’m excited, because my antibodies finally came off backorder. I’ve updated my lab notebooks, I’ve revised my long list of stuff to do, and I’m raring to go.

Second aikido class tomorrow (er, today). I’m also very excited about this. Today was a bad muscle soreness day. That means tomorrow will be worse. Aiiii!

Hey! Only 23 days left until the Oct 9th projected release of MacOS 8.5! Whet your techno-lust by checking out MacNN’s Visual Tour of MacOS 8.5

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