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damn, has it been a week since I updated? geez…

My graduate deparment’s retreat went ok, all things considered. I discovered that I’m no longer in the top drinking condition I once was…

19 days until MacOS 8.5…

When you see a guide to HTML compliance and validation with really bad design, do you trust the information less?
I do. looks good, however.

As you might be able to tell from looking at the above links, I’ve been playing with the idea of moving towards a more strict use of the HTML4.0 spec. However, in order to do that, I’ve got to learn some CSS, which means I might as well pick up some DHTML. (My goal: 100% buzzword compliance!) Finding a decent list of what’s supported, and in what browswer, is very much a PITA — there doesn’t appear to be a good, united list. It also seems like making the switch might be more trouble than it’s worth. We’ll see…

nothing worse than an un-updated web site, is there?

i’m continuing with aikido, and continuing to find new places to hurt in. 8^D

i wish i had something else to rant about, or something wierd to point at, but i don’t. 8^<
i’m up to my ass in alligators with preperations of one sort or another for my graduate department’s annual research retreat, so it’s not likely to get any better until after this weekend. hopefully i’ll come up with something to rant, rave, or at least write about while during all the science talks i’ll be listening to this weekend!

damn! maccentral is reporting the MacOS 8.5 release has been pushed back to oct. 17th

Still cool in Chez Jacobs Anderson — rockin!

My two theme songs of the moment: Superchunk’s “Detroit Has A Skyline”, featuring the lyric “Drank my sleep from a can” and Chavez’s “Unreal is Real”, featuring the lyric “There is nothing to not be amazed at”.
As Dave Winer would say, “I’m still diggin’!”

My mood seems to be improving — I’m actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow. I’ve got cloning to check, and tons of protein work to do. Maybe that’s why I’m excited, because my antibodies finally came off backorder. I’ve updated my lab notebooks, I’ve revised my long list of stuff to do, and I’m raring to go.

Second aikido class tomorrow (er, today). I’m also very excited about this. Today was a bad muscle soreness day. That means tomorrow will be worse. Aiiii!

Hey! Only 23 days left until the Oct 9th projected release of MacOS 8.5! Whet your techno-lust by checking out MacNN’s Visual Tour of MacOS 8.5

Yes! The humidity has fallen, the swamp cooler has actually begun to work, and it’s starting to cool off in my house! Of course, now I’ve got to come up with something else to write about on this site…

I had my first aikido practice in about 3 years tonight. I’m going to be one sore puppy tomorrow, but the good news is I can still do mae ukemi (a forward roll). We didn’t get to ushiro ukemi.

I know I said I was sick of it already, but one more thing about CigarGate: I’m listening to The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead by XTC right now. Seems appropriate, doesn’t it?

If you downloaded Netscape’s Communicator 4.5 PR2, watch out. It’s dog slow when rendering tables. Moreover, it tends to grab the whole CPU while it’s crunching — so if you hit a page with a complex or large table, prepare to sit there for a bit. For big tables, it’s actually worse than waiting for Java to start up. 8^(=

Cam’s feeling depressed about the state of web design. Hey Cam, you should listen to “Unreal is Here”, by Chavez.

*Yes you will do now What can’t be done Your unreal is here now

Correct you can learn now What truth denies Your unreal is here now

There is nothing to not be amazed at There are weeks upon years upon days left

Things that can’t happen Happen to you

Your unreal is here now

There is nothing to not be amazed at There are weeks upon years upon days left There are weeks upon years upon days

Just take this with you… Just take this with you… Just take this with you… Yah, Just take this with you…

I found this song on “What’s Up Matador”, a Matador Records comp. (OLE163). The whole damn thing rocks, if you’re into that sorta thing.

How hot is it in my house right now? Well, have you ever seen a cat pant?

While I was at the lab, I discovered my PCR didn’t work again. Not a good thing. However, I did find out that Friday’s transformation wassucessful, and I was able to finish dinking with the PhosphorImager computer, so everything just about balances out.

Couple of things about TV: First, That 70’s Show is pretty damn funny. However, the show’s only been on for about a month, and tonight’s episode was already a rerun. S’up with that? Second, is anybody else getting really sick of those damn Levi’s Hard Jeans commercials? I admire the design aesthetic of the commercials, but the product! Who wants hard abrasive stuff next to their skin? What’s next for this target market, 20 grit toilet paper?

For you Mac people looking for a working version of Mozilla, Wes Felter tipped me to the 09.11.98 build. Works for me! Thanks Wes!

As the site rebuild continues to creep along, the oneclick index page gets finalized, as do the claris emailer, userland frontier, and multi-threaded newswatcher pages.


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Okay, I’ve updated the claris em@iler and userland frontier sections of the oneclick part of the website. Hopefully, the OneClick web ring will be up soon and this work will be worthwhile.

It’s too damn hot in my house, so I’m going to go in to the lab and do some work. Hopefully I’ll get some more done on this site later tonight.

Pretty sure I lost a day of updates here, because of a Frontier crash. Imagine what you missed — aren’t you sorry you haven’t been checking every day?

What I accomplished today

  • Analyzed some PCR reactions and found out they didn’t work.
  • Set up some more PCR reactions.
  • Re-built about half the software on our PhosphorImager computer.
  • Found and set up a hit counter for this page.
  • Took a nap.

I have officially reached saturation on the Starr Report, *gate, Monica/Bill/Hillary foofoorah. Wake me up when it’s over, all right?

For us impatient types, there are 26 days remaining until Oct 9th, the anticipated release date of MacOS 8.5.
Time for me to start savin’ those pennies..

Netscape released PR2 of Communicator 4.5 the other day. It seems to be a little more stable, but I haven’t pushed it real hard yet. Has anybody found a build of Mozilla that will run decently? The 9.3 build crashed on startup for me.

Maybe it’s the weather.

(It’s really humid in Tucson right now, which is normal for this time of year.) Maybe it’s my back, which I injured while working on the lawn.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m in a real crappy mood. Not excited about work, can’t get into science, don’t really feel like reading anything. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I’ve got to snap out of this…

I spent 2 hours this morning, working on my lawn. I hate yard work.

Back to site re-design…
Okay, Newswatcher sub-section of OneClick section is partially in place.

Okay, the netscape navigator section index page is done. Skipping the scripts does make things go a lot faster…

Versiontracker says Anarchie Pro is out…

Running out of steam! It’s much harder than I realized to convert OneClick scripts into a format suitable posting on the web page. I think I’m going to have to just post the links to the palettes, with screen shots and whatnot, and put the scripts up over time. Whew!

Okay, the credits, tools, & music page is partially revised. That was a nice break from editing OneClick scripts…

Well, the Emailer sub-section of the OneClick section is done. Have a look, if you’d like. Only 95% of the site to go…
It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.