Headshot of John taken by Dr. Paris Buttfield-Addison
Photo by Dr. Paris Buttfield-Addison

Hi! I’m John S Jacobs Anderson. I am an information technology executive, conference speaker, and Open Source software developer and community organizer from Salem, Oregon, USA.

I’m usually known online as genehack, and in person will freely answer to “John”, ”Gene”, or ”Hey you, beardo”. My pronouns are “he/him”.

The main purpose of this page is to provide a single semi-comprehensive listing of the various places I am online, and to assert (indieweb-style) that these disparete identities are all, in fact, me.

You can read more of my writing at, on Twitter, or on the Fediverse. One of these days I’ll get around to adding a now page, but for the moment the best way to keep up with what I’m doing is to subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed and follow me on Twitter, Mastodon, or both.

The Daily Dose is a small list of sites I read that don’t provide an RSS feed. The Dose is regenerated daily and the contents change based on the expected update frequencies of the linked sites.

An alphabetical listing of some other places I can be found online (some of them, quite infrequently…)